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Do Sharks Eat Whales?- Killer Whale Facts For Kids and Adults Too

Author: Sharifa McFarlane Sanderson 
Do Sharks Eat Whales? Both of these creatures have a position of power in the sea.

Whales are huge and very few creatures will try to attack them. Killer whales are the largest known predators of warm blooded animals. They usually hunt in pods and work together to trap their prey. They eat fish, squid and marine animals.

What Do Sharks Eat?
Sharks eat all kinds of living things. They typically consume fish that they can kill. Most of the time this means that sharks eat fish that are smaller than they are, since these are easier to hunt. In captivity, sharks are usually fed fish, squid and other seafood.

Sharks have been known to eat other sharks and may bite humans, but this is not their preference. Much of the time when sharks eat other sharks, it happens because they go into a feeding frenzy when blood is released from an injured animal. Sharks that mistake humans for other animals, such as seals, may take a bite.
Great white shark

Do Sharks Eat Whales?
Sharks will eat whales if they get the chance. Conversely, some whales will also eat sharks. Orcas are known for attacking and eating sharks. Killer whales are huge and they can and will swallow sharks whole. Killer whales are dangerous animals and sharks know this. They will often swim away if they see one of these whales approaching. 

Sharks will try to attack whales. The thing is that they are not usually successful. If they do succeed because the whale is injured or tired, the sharks will eat it.
Marks of great white shark bites on a beached whale

Killer whales spyhop, ie. they look for food on the ice. If they find it, they will hit ice from below in order to knock their prey into the water. Some of them know how to slide up on sand bars and ice floes in order to get to their prey. 
 Type C killer whale raisng its body out of the water in spyhopping
Killer whales will even attack blue whales. They attack from underneath and behind and will even jump on top of blue whales to try to push them into the water and drown them.
Cookiecutter Shark Bites On A Whale
Round scars from cookiecutter shark bites are found on many cetaceans, such as this beached Gray's beaked whale.
Megalodon Shark Eating Whale
 Shark Eats Whale Carcass
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